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Three complimentary Support Calls on Thriving During Challenging Times

I know you are probably worried about what is going on in the world so we are doing the following this month to help:

1. We are giving away 3 free Teleconferences open to all releasers on Thriving During Challenging Times. I will be working with as many people as I can plus giving tips and ideas on how to thrive when things are challenging. These calls are our gift to you. The first call is this Wednesday night at 6:00 PM PDT so visit this link to register now. Click Here

2. Christmas in August. We are going to bring the Holidays early this year. Because money is tight we are bringing back the huge discounts we did on many programs right before Christmas and New Years last year. We also, have some new discount offers as well. Plus, every offer comes with free content so that you can benefit even if you do not spend a dime.

3. I will be more available in the community to answer questions and do my best to get a few more Huffington Posts done this month so that we can also be helping people through this period that do not yet know how to let go.

I hope you join me on the calls and enjoy all the free content coming your way. Together we can weather this storm and come out ahead. No matter what is happening in the world we can always let go and either maintain or regain our inner strength and peace.

I love you a lot,


PS. Please also use and share the Money Now iPhone – Android App if you have yet done that. This app is perfect for what is happening right now and is a great no cost way for you to support yourself and those you care about now.

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