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Here is one of the many stories we have received since the release of the Letting Go Movie. Holly Agassi is one of the ladies in the movie and this is her story… unedited just for you.

"I am grateful for your reply. My dad, I had identified with all my life and thought that he was everything to me.  There was a day when I imagined that IF (lol) he would die one day, I would die right there with him. As a matter a fact ironically; I had even told my husband that I really don't know what would happen to my life if one day I loose my dad.

Exactly two days before my beloved father went on his regular summer holiday I attended a week long workshop with you.  About twenty days later he fell off of six steps, in the property which he had designed and built from scratch.  No one could ever imagine a capable man like him with so much ambition, love, and generosity… could so quickly close his eyes for good. THE STORY gets better he died on my birthday.

Thank goodness I made it to the hospital and sat by him for about five days and with open heart and as alert as I could be I was able to say my final goodbyes and felt his last squeeze of my palm.

I am grateful to all the teachers along the way.  Sedona method truly is the tool to help one to stay in the now.  I have read many books about staying present and being in the now, however Sedona Method is the tool to get you here. Of course this past year I have practiced letting go frequently, from every birthday party to every holiday celebration since my beloved father was the biggest celebrator of all. 

It would be hard for anyone to believe the simplicity of Sedona Method. The mind truly seeks something more complicated or so it says. I would share something for magnificent which I think you would truly appreciate. 

To celebrate my beloved fathers meaningful life for his annual passing this year my family and I hosted 20 children from an orphanage whom my dad use to support for a week of holiday (all inclusive vacation). Some of these kids have lost their parents in an earthquake that shook Bam in Dec. 2003.

We practiced oneness with the children and their teachers in my dad's property, a beautiful garden with fruit trees and a running stream, where he use to call it his sanctuary. We made it educational and tried your method with the teachers so they could be more present with the kids for the long run. It was sort of funny how the problems were universal.

I am your biggest advocate to spread the words for the new movie "letting go" since it has helped my family and I tremendously.  Had I not been in your seminar I would have not been able to move on with life and what it has to offer.
I don't think you know the ways you are touching people's lives everyday.  Please send out my gratitude to all those people involved in your organization.

Love beyond all understanding, Holly

P.S. I am including a few pictures of our Camp Bam for you to enjoy."

Please comment below, and share your stories with us.

I love you all very much and really appreciate all the love and support you have been sharing with us around our new film.

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