Gain Happiness, Success & Emotional Well-Being in 1 hour, 8 minutes by watching Letting Go!


At the recent Financial Liberation Retreat Hale spoke about the concept of "Fake It Until You Make It" and how that is asking for trouble.

If you think it is ok to "fake it until you make it" you need to watch this video and ask yourself the tough question of are you blowing smoke?

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Find Lasting Happiness, Success, and Emotional Well-Being in just 1 hour and 8 minutes by watching Letting Go!

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Here are 108 reasons to spend an1 hour and 8 minutes watching the movie Letting Go.



Video Transcript:

One of the things that happens when we set a goal is we think we need to force it to happen. We effortly push, we shove, or we resist taking action. But the thing we’re missing when we’re dong that is that there’s another way to create goals. It may be counter intuitive of it first, but it’s extremely powerful.


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