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How Does It Feel When You Are on a Retreat?


Video Transcript:

Are you ready tired of your story?  You probably are, but you're probably even more tired of other people’s stories.  Most times when you come to a seminar that’s about letting go, that’s about trying to discover the truth of who you are, you spend most of the time hearing abut everybody else’s story and it can get really boring, and it doesn’t need to be that way.

 Who you are is what’s already right here, right now beyond your story.  And one of the beautiful things that happens when you come to one of our retreats where you work with the Sedona method, you work with the movie is you can discover that it’s not about the story.  The story will naturally change as you let go.  Plus, all stories are about what was or what might be.  They have nothing to do with right now.  And life only happens now.  So one of the things you’ll discover as you let go, as you watch the film, as you attend our seminars is there is a world possible to you right here, right now that’s completely beyond the story and it’s a celebration.  It’s exquisitely beautiful and a lot of fun to just show up and play, show up and live, so it’s an invitation.  The movie and our seminars are an invitation to just simply be yourself and have fun and live life now.



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