Gain Happiness, Success & Emotional Well-Being in 1 hour, 8 minutes by watching Letting Go!

Beyond Letting Go

You are invited to continue this amazing journey to the core of your inner self by experiencing the 7-week Beyond Letting Go online course; facilitated by Hale Dwoskin, New York Times best-selling author of The Sedona Method, and creator of the Letting Go movie. This course was recorded during the creation of the movie and it’s the perfect companion for you to fully explore Letting Go.

The amazing 7-week online course encourages you to apply these self-healing methods to uncover and be your true self. Plus, you’ll realize the limitless possibilities you can achieve in your own life – and that in itself is amazing! Free yourself from limiting thoughts and beliefs; and emotional burdens by taking the 7-week Beyond Letting Go course. The world is yours to embrace. Make it happen now!

Experience the Reality of Inner Peace When You Let Go of:

• Traumatic experiences from the past • Limiting thoughts and beliefs
• Day-to-day anxieties • Your innermost fears
• Sadness from a lost love
• Deep-rooted anger
• Financial woes
• Frustration with your career
• Struggles with addiction

This inspirational and thought-provoking 7-week online course goes Beyond Letting Go and helps you personally…

  • Experience the exquisite beauty that is always within and around you
  • Discover that unshakable inner peace is possible even when challenged
  • Live your life to the fullest with great enjoyment during every moment
  • Discover what it’s like to be free of everything that once held you back
  • Awaken to the truth of who you truly are – in this very moment

Unlock your unlimited potential and all the hidden treasures within The Beyond Letting Go 7-week online course is an invitation for you to personally experience the amazing release of Letting Go… and Beyond. Now is the time to live it, feel it and embrace it – every day of your life.

The best way to learn the proven techniques of Letting Go, and transform your life, is by putting them into practice yourself!

There are two great ways you can experience this incredible course. You can instantly download it to your digital device. Or, you can explore each new realm of Letting Go over the course of 7-weeks online. The choice is yours!

The Beyond Letting Go 7-week Digital course also includes:

  • Highlights recorded during the filming of the course and during the very next course taught in Holland.
  • A complete course workbook that you can use to follow along as you listen to each session; and as a way to take your explorations deeper on your own.
  • A complete transcript of the entire course so you can read along, any time you choose, without having to take notes or re-read. It’s your own private written copy based on this amazing work.