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Absolute and Practical Freedom Holistic Releasing CD Set Save 50%

Our holiday specials continue… and—check this out—today and tomorrow only, you can save 50% off the Absolute and Practical Freedom Holistic Releasing CD Set by using coupon code "SAVE50%" at checkout.

You access to the first CD from the Holistic Releasing Set at the bottom of this post.


Everything we experience in life arises in polarities: in and out, right and wrong, pain and pleasure. Holistic Releasing is a technique that helps you collapse or dissolve any sense of inner limitation by releasing back and forth between the different polarities that tie up energy within you.

The Holistic Releasing Set contains two volumes, one on the practical day-to-day issues that plague most people such as how badly your body feels…and the other on more esoteric topics, such as opening to freedom.

Take advantage of our holiday gift to you and listen to the entire first CD from the Practical Freedom volume of the Holistic Releasing Set and discover for yourself the power of bringing two sides of a polarity together—and how they naturally neutralize each other.
This excerpt includes releases on:

  • discomfort in your body (vs. comfort in your body)
  • areas in your life you'd like to change (vs. allowing it to be the way it is)
  • contraction in your awareness (vs. expansion in your awareness)
  • being as unhappy as you are (vs. being as happy as you are)
  • feeling as limited as you are (vs. as unlimited as you are)
  • having as much limitation as far as money is concerned as you do (vs. as much abundance as you do)
  • disliking someone as much as you do (vs. liking them as much as you do)
  • disliking yourself as much as you do (vs. liking yourself as much as you do)

 Listen to the First CD….Click Here

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