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Although we live in the freest society on earth, one that claimed its independence from a powerful oppressor long ago, most of us today are slaves in a free society.

How so? We’re enslaved by our habits. We’re enslaved by our beliefs. We’re enslaved by our past. And we’re enslaved by our own and others’ expectations.

If you look honestly at your life, you’ll probably notice much of it is not actually governed by your free choice — despite your apparent external freedom. For example, all of us act in ways we later regret, even when we know better. We stop ourselves from excelling, even if we have the talent and the know-how to succeed. We accept less than what is possible because we’ve allowed ourselves to be enslaved by our own mental constructs…. Read More    Link to

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Happy Independence Day if you are in the states and Happy Canada for Canada. If you are living somewhere else please simply enjoy your inner independence.



Have you ever noticed that when you have a thought, feel a feeling or hold a belief, you often carry thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are diametrically opposed to it as well? For example, if you’re very angry with someone, you may also feel love for them — or maybe just a desire to feel love for them — at the same time. Or, if you’re certain something is right for you or someone you know, there may also be feelings of doubt that there’s something you’re missing or not so sure about.

You get the picture.

It seems to be human nature, or perhaps just a cultural phenomenon, to pretend we clearly know which point of view or belief is the best one and then to vehemently defend, justify, explain and try to prove why this perspective is right and all others are wrong. The thing is, when we do this, we can get very stuck and actually prolong the natural process of selection that we call decision making….

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