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When there are natural or manmade disasters–even
if they are half a world away–most of us are
glued to the television or our favorite news
source on the Web, checking frequently for the
latest update. We can become completely obsessed
with what’s happening.

But you can choose to put the energy of your mind
and your heart and your whole being to better use
by becoming part of the solution instead of part
of the problem with these 4 simple steps.

Won’t you join me in doing this for the situation
in Japan today? And please comment and share
these techniques from this article in the
Huffington Post with everyone you know so that we
can have an impact for the greatest good,
collectively. As you know, we’re all in this

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Most of us do not realize that we are constantly being victimized by our beliefs. They tell us what we can and can not do and what is right and true in this moment. We can get so lost in our beliefs that we only see the stories about “what was” and “what might be.” When this happens we miss the exquisite beauty that is already here and now. We also feel trapped in patterns that are causing us pain, loss and missed opportunity. Yet it does not have to be that way!


This video is free and there is over 30 minutes of fantastic content and releases from our most recent Financial Liberation Retreat for you to enjoy. One of the conversations I want to share with you is with Keith who battles his mind for dominance of what is here, now. Plus I am certain it will make you laugh as Keith shares why he is here at this retreat.

By watching my conversation with Keith you will experience how to welcome your story and be okay to feel the way you do. But that is not all you will gain by watching this video, here is just some more of what this video will reveal to you:

· What is beyond belief

· How to break even long standing patterns

· What is here now beyond the story

· The aliveness that shines through the body/mind as you see through the story

There is one moment with Keith that one simple release makes a massive difference, see if you can witness that moment and you never know, you may experience it yourself. Please post your comments under the video, share what you gain from watching it. Also, please feel free to share this complimentary content with those you care about.



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Hale Dwoskin
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There’s been so much good and bad that’s come out of the blockbuster film and book The Secret, that it’s sometimes hard to discern  what to keep and what to throw away. Because of the backlash against The Secret, some people have decided to throw out the baby with the bath water, so to speak. As one of the 24 original teachers in the movie The Secret, I have seen it all and have lived to tell the tale…

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Hale Dwoskin
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