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Everything we experience in life arises in polarities: in and out, right and wrong, pain and pleasure. Holistic Releasing is a technique that helps you collapse or dissolve any sense of inner limitation by releasing back and forth between the different polarities that tie up energy within you.

The Holistic Releasing Set contains two volumes, one on the practical day-to-day issues that plague most people such as how badly your body feels…and the other on more esoteric topics, such as opening to freedom.

Take advantage of our holiday gift to you and listen to the entire first CD from the Practical Freedom volume of the Holistic Releasing Set and discover for yourself the power of bringing two sides of a polarity together—and how they naturally neutralize each other.
This excerpt includes releases on:

  • discomfort in your body (vs. comfort in your body)
  • areas in your life you'd like to change (vs. allowing it to be the way it is)
  • contraction in your awareness (vs. expansion in your awareness)
  • being as unhappy as you are (vs. being as happy as you are)
  • feeling as limited as you are (vs. as unlimited as you are)
  • having as much limitation as far as money is concerned as you do (vs. as much abundance as you do)
  • disliking someone as much as you do (vs. liking them as much as you do)
  • disliking yourself as much as you do (vs. liking yourself as much as you do)

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With all the turkey, roasts, pudding, pies, coffee, tea, pop, biscuits, tarts, icecream that you eat over this holiday season, how do you prevent that feeling you get….you know the one I am talking about… you feel like your pants are too tight, you have to lay down and take a nanny nap….when your stomach is fighting for more room by moving the other vital organs. Remember that feeling last holiday season? Even though you know you shouldn't eat that last piece of pie you will anyway because it is so good, and you can't waste it.

If you have answered yes or can remember any of these moments…I have made this video for you….the secret of counteracting your seasonal excesses with one simple and effective strategy… (And no, it is not wearing the skinny jeans.)

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Inner Circle 3 is all about you uncovering and recognizing your own intuitive knowingness for yourself using all 5 methods of releasing. And for 48 hours only, it will be on sale for half off when you use coupon code DECINNERCIRCLE at checkout.


Listen to an excerpt from the Inner Circle Volume 3 Here and find out why it's not helpful to just hear about your own knowingness from somebody else, but to discover your own knowingness for yourself.
“You see, that intelligence energy that you are is not dumb. That same energy that’s operating your body is blowing the wind and turning the planets and making sure they don't bump into each other and it’s firing the sun. And that’s just in this solar system. Then you multiply it a few billion, billion times.”
So, that knowingness that you are is also always available to you right here—and it will reveal itself to you if you stop looking for it everywhere else.
To see a detailed description of The Inner Circle Volume 3, view the index here.
In The Inner Circle Volume 3 you will find out:

  • How the belief in separation begins early in life and how to instantly dissolve it with this simple practice
  • How to spontaneously feel the freedom that is always here and now
  • How we lose ground when we act as though the sounds that we hear in our heads have to dictate how we feel and act and who we are
  • How to cut through the chatter of the mind and clearly see and be what lies beyond
  • How the real trouble begins when thoughts begin to argue with other thoughts and how to use that to your advantage
  • How to find peace with your body/mind right in the middle of life

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For the next 48 hours only, The Inner Circle Volume 3 CD's are on sale for 50% off. Use the coupon DECINNERCIRCLE




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I can’t wait to see you here in Sedona!
Much love,