Gain Happiness, Success & Emotional Well-Being in 1 hour, 8 minutes by watching Letting Go!


On a recent vacation I realized that I wanted to share again why I made this movie "Letting Go", it was when I had time to reflect and enjoy my beautiful surrounds that I remember why. There is another post on this blog about when we made Letting Go and you can check that out here.

I also want to speak about why I can not share Letting Go on my own. I have taken the last 35 years of experience and made it so simple that anyone regardless of where they are, their skin color, race, age, status in society will understand and more importantly be able to apply Letting Go to their lives. The exciting thing is that people are applying it to their lives and having amazing results and experiences as a result but this is just the beginning. 



Would you like to feel at home right now? How you would like to feel relaxed right where you are…right now?…..

It is possible and in this video Hale Dwoskin from The Sedona Method is going to explain how you can feel relaxed and at home in this very moment.


Find Lasting Happiness, Success, and Emotional Well-Being in just 1 hour and 8 minutes by watching Letting Go!

What if you could leave all of your negative emotions and anxieties behind you forever?

What if at the same time you could also create the happiness and success you have always desired? You can, by watching Letting Go!

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Are you wondering if the Letting Go movie is right for you? Do you question whether or not it will truly change your life, and free you from your emotional burdens?

Everyone, including you, can experience and embrace the benefits of letting go. Of course, to say that letting go is for everyone is a quite a proclamation – but it’s true!

Letting go is a self-healing process that we, as human beings, are all capable of achieving. It’s a calming method that gives you the perspective and know-how to release all of your anxiety, fear, anger, or any debilitating emotion that is preventing you from having inner peace and creating all that you choose.

So, how does the Letting Go movie relate to you? Here are 108 reasons why you should watch this thought-provoking and highly-entertaining film. Of course, not all will apply to you, but there will certainly be feelings and perspectives that you or someone close to you can identify with.

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Here are 108 reasons to spend an1 hour and 8 minutes watching the movie Letting Go.


Video Transcript:

One of the common misconceptions when people are trying to create what they want, whether it’s with the law of attraction or just simply working on goals, is that they’re gonna get their free beer tomorrow. And what I mean by that, most of us are completely future-oriented.